Subendri Naidoo, a Juvenile and Spiritual Author

June 18, 2018

Subendri Naidoo is a 3rd generation Indian South African descendant. She studied law in South Africa and hotel management in Switzerland. Employed at Juta and Company, a 168-years-old publishing company, Naidoo works “…in the Law Division as a publisher where I commission people to write for us.” She recently took over all her company’s environmental and labour law titles.


Subendri believes in the art of healing and pursues it physically, mentally, and spiritually. She completed her level as a Reiki Master in 2004. After returning from New Zealand in 2011, she started learning other healing modalities. In 2014, Subendri started a holistic business that she titled Prema Soul Healing (Prema is love. A form of soul healing that deals with the healing therapies that it offers). “I am now also a Children’s Mindfulness Facilitator, Antaneea Practitioner and Access Bars and Body Process Practitioner.”


Subendri started writing her first book at the age of 43 and did not stop until it was completed. In December 2017, age 46, she published Angel Heart Friends, her first children’s book that’s listed in the esoteric genre. “An esoteric book encompasses all types of healing, meditation and or anything that would be in the path of the spiritual realm. There are no affiliations to any particular religious practice.” Working for a publishing company and now, a published author herself, Subendri uses her skills and knowledge to coach and mentor new independent authors, helping them to pursue their desired paths.


Interviewer: Tell us more about your book?


Naidoo: Angel Heart Friends is a story of three friends, Saachi, Lucy, and Kiki. This story is about love, friendship, angels, and crystals. Each girl has a favorite crystal and activity which children can do with their parents or by themselves. The story teaches the reader about different types of families, that is, nuclear, same-sex parents and adoption, also about the loss of a loved one and a pet. My niece Amelia and Dr. Wayne Dyer were inspirations for me writing this book. Angel Heart Friends will always be my favorite (because) it helped me through my own personal healing process.


Interviewer: Your character’s name Saachi is unique, why did you choose it?


Naidoo: Saachi – because I couldn’t use my own name. Saachi is a Hindu name it means beloved, truth, grace, following, companion, and fire. Lucy – she reminds me of Lucy from Peanuts and is very similar to my sister.  Kiki – after a pink plush Koala toy I bought for my niece.


Interviewer: What does literary success look like to you?


Naidoo: Not just sales but being recognized for contributing to reading, learning, and self-development.


Interviewer: What in your personal life have you included in one of your stories?


Naidoo: The death of my mother, my maternal grandparents, my niece, my sister, my brother that was miscarried and parts of myself.


Interviewer: What is the hardest thing you find about writing?


Naidoo: Actually finding the time with my job that demands me to work long hours. My writing process has to fit in. I have burnout more than once.


Interviewer: What was one of the most surprising things you’ve learned in creating your book?


Naidoo: That I could draw. That I could finish something I started.


Interviewer: What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned from being a published author?


Naidoo: It’s long, can be lonely and sometimes you need someone that understands what you are doing without asking are you done yet. Planning is key. I wish I had a mentor when I first wrote mine, I was too afraid to share myself or my book. I felt rather daft writing it until I let my sister read it and she loved it.


Subendri’s job is sometimes demanding and she often travels for work which limits writing time. But no matter how little time she has, somehow she manages to create enough space in her busy days to pursue her passions and says to others, “Don’t give up, your story needs to be told.”


Connect with Subendri, she would love to hear from you.


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Subendri Naidoo, a Juvenile and Spiritual Author

June 18, 2018

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